Republik Maluku Selatan (R.M.S.), 1950

A few months after the sovereignty agreement, the federal republic R.I.S. was disbanded and the unitary Republik Indonesia was set up with Jakarta on Java as the capital. The South Moluccan islands rejected this centralization, and on April 25, 1950, they declared the independent Republik Maluku Selatan (R.M.S. or Republic of the South Moluccas).

They fought a war for independence for several years. During this period stamps were overprinted with Republik Maluku Selatan, and although very rare, some are known genuinely used from the islands of Ambon and Saparoea. In addition, several series of R.M.S. stamps were ordered through J. & H. Stolow & Co. These were printed at the Austrian State Printer in Vienna. These are not known used.

   Negara Islam Indonesia, 1953(?)

In 1953 the leaders of Darul Islam (House of Islam) formed the Negara Islam Indonesia (Islamic State of Indonesia) with Sukarmadji Maridjan Kartosuwirjo as its leader. In 1962 Kartosuwirjo was captured and executed, and Negara Islam Indonesia was disbanded. When exactly the series of two stamps was issued is not known.

   Pemerintah Revolusioner Republik Indonesia (P.R.R.I.), 1959

In late 1957 there was an uprising on Sumatra and North Sulawesi (Celebes), and on February 15, 1958, the Pemerintah Revolusioner Republik Indonesia (P.R.R.I. or Revolutionary Counter-government of the Republic of Indonesia) was proclaimed at Padang. The P.R.R.I. fought an all-out war or Perdjoeangan Semesta against the government. The dissident government issued a series of stamps in North Sulawesi about a year after the initial uprising. Stamps are known with cancellations from Kotamobagu and Inobonto, and per the Kotamobagu postmaster, they were also used at several other towns.

   Negara Kesatuan Kalimantan Utara, 1964

The Indonesian government felt that parts of the archipelago not yet under their control should also become part of Indonesia. As such, they started the so-called “Konfrontasi politik” (Confrontation politics) with Malaysia regarding the sovereignty of North Borneo. This was augmented by guerrilla activities from the Indonesian side of the island. To commemorate the “annexation” of North Borneo, 6 stamps were prepared but never issued. However, one of the unissued stamps found its way to philatelic dealers.

   Republik Rakjat Indonesia, 1965

On September 30, 1965, the Indonesian Communist Party attempted to take over the government. In anticipation of victory, stamps of the 1964 Soekarno series were overprinted Republik Rakjat Indonesia (People’s Republic of Indonesia). However, the coup failed, and the stamps ended up in dealers’ packets in Hong Kong.

   Organisasi Papua Merdeka (O.P.M.), 1978

The Organisasi Papua Merdeka (Organization for a Free Papua) was a group of West Irian Papuans who fought for the independence of West New Guinea. In 1978 this organization placed an order to overprint stamps of Papua New Guinea with O.P.M. to get more publicity for their cause. As the Republik Maluku Selatan government-in-exile supported the O.P.M., they provided some RMS stamps to be overprinted.

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