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    Japanese occupation Java

Java was placed under control of the Army, and was considered a separate country from Sumatra and the Navy occupied area. As such it had its own postal administration.

Unlike Sumatra and the Navy occupied area, pre-war Dutch East Indies stamps were not overprinted on Java. The pre-war stamps continued to be used normally, except for those with the portrait of the Dutch queen. These were not allowed, but we do come across a few used during the first months of the occupation (must be dated after March 8, 1942).

There were a few new issues on Java during the occupation. Two were definitive series which were often issued on important dates. The first consisted of four stamps issued on March 9, 1943, one year after the Dutch Indies capitulation.

On March 20, 1943, there was a special issue commemorating that savings at the Postal Savings Bank had reached f 5,000,000. A second definitive series was started with two stamps issued on April 29, 1943, the Japanese Emperor’s birthday. Other stamps in this series were issued in June 1943 and January 1945.

Shortly before the war a series of stamps known as the Dancers had been prepared. These were issued in 1941, except the 2 c Dancer which was placed in inventory at the postal headquarters at Bandoeng. The 2 c Dancer was first put into circulation during the Japanese occupation, sometime in 1944.

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