All Dai Nippon members in good standing are eligible to participate in the sales circuits as far as selling their material. However, because of insurance coverage limitations and costs, sales books will be sent only to those members who live in the Netherlands. Members interested in participating should contact the Secretary or the Sales Circuit Leader.


The material offered in sales books should correspond quantitatively for at least 90% with the philatelic areas covered by Dai Nippon. Material should be fully and accurately described using Dai Nippon catalogue numbers where available. Damaged material is discouraged and should be adequately described. Similarly, forgeries should be clearly identified as such. Should the Sales Circuit Leader discover a forgery without identification, then he will remove it in accordance with Article 6 of the Sales Circuit Regulations (in Dutch).

Mailing and Receipt of a Circuit

Sales circuits should always be handed over personally or sent by registered mail. This includes the initial sending of the sales books to the Sales Circuit Leader. Books should be sent or brought only after having confirmed by telephone that the receiving person will be there to receive the sales books. A written receipt is required from the person receiving the sales books if brought in person. Receipts should be kept for at least six weeks. The person sending or bringing the sales books to the next person on the list should notify the Sales Circuit Leader immediately when he has done so.

Upon receipt of a circuit a participant should verify that all booklets are present, and that all stamps that have been taken out are marked accordingly. Any missing items should be reported immediately to the Sales Circuit Leader. Failure to do so may result in the participant being held accountable for the cost of the missing item(s).

In order to facilitate the routing of a circuit it is important for participants to notify the Sales Circuit Leader when they will be on vacation or otherwise absent for a longer period.


Sales circuits start in September and the season lasts until the beginning of May. Sales books will as a rule run for two seasons.


A participant can hold a circuit for a maximum of 5 days before sending it to the next person. Any items taken out should be marked with a hand stamp in the box where the removed item was housed. Any items purchased from the booklets must be paid within eight days to the account of the Sales Circuit Leader.


The organization is responsible for the sales circuits while they are in the possession of the Sales Circuit Leader or en route from the Sales Circuit Leader to a participant. Each participant is responsible for the sales books until he has delivered them to the next participant and received a receipt, or, after confirming that the next participant will be there, he has sent the books by registered mail with a receipt.


At the end of each season all sales circuits are to be returned to the Sales Circuit Leader for control and settlement. At settlement the owner of the sales books will receive the total of the sales from his sales books less a 7% commission to cover costs.

Further information

Further information can be obtained from the Sales Circuit Leader and from the official rules and regulations which can be found in Dutch under Administratie.

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