Dai Nippon’s magazine is named Sprokkels which can be roughly translated as “Gathered bits and pieces”. It consists of articles written by Dai Nippon members, and appears approximately three times per year depending on how many new articles are submitted.

Sprokkels is produced in Dutch and in English and members specify which language they wish to receive. It is sent in colour by email to those members who have internet access, and in black and white by post to all other members.

Members are encouraged to submit articles for publication. Articles may be submitted in Dutch or English, and should be sent to the Secretary, L.B. Vosse.
The editorial staff will do the translations into Dutch or English. Currently the editorial staff consists of J.R. van Nieuwkerk and L.B. Vosse. Click on Sprokkels for an example.


There are six auctions per year, one in conjunction with each of the five club meetings, plus a summer auction during July. Auctions are for club members only. Click on Auctions for the current auction catalogue, auction rules, how to describe the lots, prior auctions, and prices realized.

Sales Circuits

Dai Nippon maintains regular sales circuits for its members. Click on Sales Circuits for the rules and how to sign up.

Expertizing Service

Dai Nippon maintains an extensive library of forgeries and has the necessary experts to authenticate any stamp, cover, or postal item from the Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies and the Republik Indonesia. Please contact the Secretary, L.B. Vosse for details.

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